Mattress Repair in El Centro, CA

Don’t Buy Another Mattress in El Centro, CA Until You Read This

When looking for someone to repair your mattress in El Centro perhaps you should think about doing it yourself with our professional mattress advice and supplies. We have over 40 years experience in mattress production and can show you how to fix the dips, rips and other oddities within your existing mattress. It’s not as difficult as you might think after you take a look at our videos showing you how to take apart your mattress and remove the bad stuff and replace it with much better foam and fabrics.

Save Time and Money by Fixing Your Own Mattress in El Centro

Not only can you fix your mattress but you can also customize it they way YOU want it. Many of our customers choose to get a split firmness comfort layer for the top of the mattress. A very high percentage of couples are NOT on the same page as far as mattress comfort goes. Side sleepers will typically prefer a softer feel where back sleepers usually prefer and firm feel. Lighter weight folks need less support and heavier people need more. Very few mattresses today offer a variable firmness unless you go with the grossly overpriced air beds.

As you will see in the video above it’s rarely the spring system that causes the problems, it’s the poly foam and cheap fibers above that that fail and create the softening and dips in the mattress. Replace that with good foam like our latex and you’ve saved a bunch of money and improved your bed a great deal. The benefits are well known but it’s a product that lurks in the shadows. It’s been around since the 40’s but few of us even know about it and there is good reasons for that, it’s too durable for today’s disposable mattress market created by the big manufacturers. Turnover means more money, make a good mattress and there is no turnover. That’s why the internet is now filled with bed in the box companies all selling garbage but at least it’s cheap garbage so you didn’t spend 2 grand on a 2 year bed. Why keep replacing your mattress over and over again when you fix the one you have (in most cases).

Mattress Repair Components Shipped Direct to El Centro

So whatever layers are needed to fix your mattress we can help supply those and even help you create a whole new mattress made the way you want it with our huge selection of mattress repair components including 2 styles of pocket coils (great for adjustable beds), solid latex base cores and even high density poly foam for those on an extreme budget. Visit the link in the video above to see our complete lineup of mattress repair materials available for UPS shipping to El Centro and surrounding areas.