Mattress Repairs Made Easy by Industry Veteran

Learn How To Fix Those Dips in Your Mattress

The problem with today’s mattresses is the cheap poly foam and memory foam being used in the top layers. From the plush quilting to the underlying layers none of which will hold up very long as I’m sure most of you reading this already have experienced. Today’s foams may or may not show a significant dip in the mattress but it can sure feel like it. The reason you can feel it but not necessarily see it is because these foams soften up and lose support fairly quickly. They don’t feel like they did in the showroom or when you first got it.

How to Recover Some of Your Investment

By watching our videos found throughout this site we will explain how to identify and remove those offending layers and replace them with a much stronger and more durable foam made out of actual rubber instead of chemically derived poly (plastic) foam. By doing so you will not only revive your existing mattress but also make it much more eco friendly, comfortable and durable. Latex foam is well know to be extremely durable and ours carries non-toxic Oeko-Tex 100 Class 1 certifications meaning it’s safe for infants as well. Oh and it’s very breathable material as well making it a far better choice than any gel infused memory foam or other marketing non-sense out there.


Why Wouldn’t I just Buy One of Those Bed in a Box Mattresses?

Simple, those are all made out of the same cheap poly foam that has already failed you and none of those companies will warrant “softening” which is exactly what causes the dipping sensation so why throw more money down the rabbit hole? More than likely you have a good spring system already and we just need to take out the garbage and replace it with something much better. It sounds intimidating but once you know the industry secrets of how to do it you’ll wonder why you waited so long.